26 November, 2019

No Regrets Fudgy Moist Melt In Your Mouth Dark Chocolate Brownies!

Full Tray Brownies Approx 1.1kg :
10"x10" / 9"x12" / 10"x14" 

  • Plain, no topping RM60/tray
  • With any 2 toppings(Almond/Walnut/Oreo/Choc Ganache with sugar sprinkles) RM70 per tray
  • With 2 toppings (Kinder/Marshmallow) RM95

Pre-cut Brownies (Minimum order of 35pcs)

  • Brownies with Chocolate ganache / Sugar sprinkle topping @ RM2.00 per slice

  • Brownies with Walnut topping@ RM2.50 per slice

  • Brownies with Almond nibs topping @ RM2.50 per slice

  • Brownies with Kinder Choc topping @ RM3.00 per slice  (Left side)
  • Brownies with mini Marshmallow topping @ RM3.00 per slice (Right side)